Buying a Kitten

Buying a kitten is a very personal decision. Because we recognize this, we go out of our way to get to know you and your specific needs so that we can help you find the ideal kitten to bring into your home.

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Kitten Availability

We typically have one to two litters of kittens each year, sometimes more. You are welcome to contact us at any time to reserve a spot on our waiting list. We will then keep you updated and let you know when the kittens are ready for placement in a loving home.

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Fond Memories

We've kept a photographic record of the kittens that Little Angel Cats has provided to our customers. This content helps you understand more about the Traditional Chinchilla Persian and its appearance. Many of our customers enjoy perusing down memory lane with us. Enjoy!

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Since 1993

Our Little Angels

The breeds featured at Little Angel Cats are Shaded Silver Persians and Norwegian Forest Cat.

The Shaded Silver Persian is often regarded as the most popular and recognized breed of cat in the United States. Many individuals grow up to be "lap cats," to the enjoyment of their owners. While there are many colors for Persian cats, we focus on the Chinchilla and Shaded Silvers.

Persians have a beautiful coat, which is enhanced even more with regular combing. There is nothing sweeter than seeing a Persian cat absorbing the rays of the sun in your parlor!

If you are looking the perfect indoor cat, this breed is just right for you. Males may weigh around 8 to 11 pounds; females are smaller.

Frequently called "Skogkatt" in its native land of Norway, the Norwegian Forest Cat is considered one of the few "natural" cats in existence today. Adapted to survive in cold weather, Norwegian Forest Cats like to climb, and in your home they will enjoy sitting atop the refrigerator or tall dresser or bookcase.

Norwegian Forest Cats have a nice disposition, and we have personally found them to be a loving breed which exhibits kindness and gentleness toward everyone they meet. Their vocalizations are quite unique and perhaps the prettiest we've ever heard cats make.

This breed is a large cat -- males may range from 15 to 22 pounds, although females are considerably smaller. They have a rich history dating back, perhaps, to the times of the Vikings, if not earlier. Many characteristics of the breed we see today may have been developed in the years following the Black Death, when these cats returned to the forest. Breeding in the USA began sometime around 1979.

Kitten Photo Collection
Persian and Norwegian