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Our Approach

Our Approach

Selling a kitten is never about the price. Our objective is to speak with you and get to know what you are looking for in a kitten. Some of our clients live 20 minutes away from us, while others are thousands of miles distant; some are breeders, while others are simply pet owners. We are able to better meet your desire for an ideal kitten if you take the time to share with us your goals and desires for the new kitten in your life.


Our Story

Our Story

Marlene has been breeding Persian cats since the 1990's. She and John have worked with breeders worldwide to help document the beauty of the Traditional Chinchilla Persian and do disseminate information about the breed.

All the kittens born to our cattery are considered little angel cats, even when they reach full adulthood.

Meet the Team

We've owned, bred, and been around dogs and cats all of our lives. We personally socialize all of our kittens so that they are ready to become the loving pets our customers desire.

Marlene with Kitten

Marlene Stahl

Founder & Breeder

Marlene has spent decades researching and breeding the Traditional Chinchilla Persian cat.

Princess in 2014


Breeding Female

A Persian Cat

Persian Cat

Poster Boy

This male Persian cat exemplifies the beauty of the Traditional Chinchilla Persian and is why we do what we do at Little Angel Cats.

Snow in 2015


Breeding Male

John Robinson

John Robinson

Videographer / Web Design

John uses his 25+ years of database design and computer programming to maintain this website.

Jenna 0894 Sept 2013


Breeding Female

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