Fond Memories

Below, please find photos of our kittens who have been happily placed in homes over the years.


Elizabeth Bennett (SOLD)


Elizabeth Bennett is our only female in Josette’s 2014 litter. When she is not playing with her three brothers, she enjoys chasing the flashing light ball around the room and under the bed. Not to be outdone, she faithfully follows her brothers to all corners of her kingdom (the nursery) and takes part in their daily adventures.

Colton (Sold)


An affectionate kitten, Colton enjoys climbing to new heights, even if it means simply climbing up our pants leg in the morning! Colton enjoys meeting new people and will be a welcome addition to the home of any cat enthusiast.

Charles (Sold)


Charles is a gentle, patient, and loving kitten. Like all of our kittens in this litter, he enjoys the quality time we spend with him, which includes sleeping next to us one of our fluffy pillows.

Mister Darcy (Sold)


Mister Darcy may one day be featured in the Olympics: he is always the first to learn how to jump out of any box in his search for excitement and fun.

Christopher (Sold)


The true ring-leader among his three brothers, Christopher leads his litter mates into “trouble” each day. An affectionate kitten, he demands to be the first one picked up each morning!
Make sure you visit the cat toy store soon … Christopher loves to play with every type of cat toy we have. He is filled with boundless energy.

Georgiana (SOLD)


Georgiana was born last, and is our only female in Josette’s 2013 litter. However, as you know, the “best things come in small packages!” A Chinchilla persian, Georgiana enjoys playing with her three brothers, but she is at her cutest when she decides to curl up in the palm of your hand when you hold her.

Georgiana loves to sleep on top of our wicker basket, where she curls up for a nap among our freshly laundered clothes. Her beautiful eyes catch every little movement and she is one of the most curious kittens we’ve ever known. If you’ve been searching for that special companion, Georgiana may be the kitten for you!

Leopold Jr (SOLD)


Leopold Jr’s eyes already are almost as stunning as his father.

He is always searching for a gentle pat of the back. As with all of our kittens, we have spent hours each day socializing them for their new home. Leopold Jr especially loves to follow us from room to room — he has already created fond memories for us!

Thomas (Sold)


Thomas loves solving problems: he was the first one in his litter to try out the litter box, and he was the first one to find the food and water bowls. His is a quiet kind of intelligence … it’s as if he already knows how the world works. We enjoy being in his presence.
Thomas enjoys sleeping next to us on one of our soft blankets.

Tina (SOLD)


Tina is the leader of her litter and always stands out among a crowd!

Her beautiful eyes and white face create an exquisite contrast to her grayish-white back. As with all of our kittens, we have spent hours each day socializing them for their new home. Tina especially loves to sleep on a blanket in the warm sunlight of early morning — she has already created fond memories for us!

Georgette (SOLD)


Georgette is so sweet, and already she has such a beautiful, plaintive cry! When friends come over, she is everyone’s favorite.

Georgette is always so inquisitive! She enjoys checking out new play toys, and she also loves crawling into our wicker baskets where she curls up for a nap among our freshly laundered clothes. A kitten could not look more beautiful. She loves to play and will make a wonderful pet for anyone looking for the perfect, cuddly companion.

Georgette and Lincoln


Marlene took this photo just before placing Georgette with her new mamma and daddy. It was so touching to see the little brother and sister cuddled up together and so bitter sweet to bid farewell to an angel. Marlene at least has the consolation of knowing that all the love and attention she pours onto each kitten creates a perfectly loving and adorable pet for the future owners.

Lincoln (Sold)


Based on everything we can see, Lincoln will turn out to be just like his father, Leopold!

Already, we see that he is so affectionate. As we move about each room in our house, Lincoln follows us and always want to sit on top of our feet every time we stand still for a moment.  Later, when we lie down to take a nap, Lincoln climbs on top of us to keep us company. He is such a jewel to see when we rise from our nap!

Lincoln recently got his first set of vaccination shots and a good bill of health! Many of you have asked for more pictures of Lincoln, so we instead shot an entire movie! Please enjoy the video below:

Here is a photo of Lincoln at one year of age:


Thor (Sold)


Thor is a very special Norwegian Forest Cat. Born in March 2012, he is in many ways like his father, except having different overall colors.

Thor enjoys being held upside down and also curling up to us in the evening for a good night’s rest. He purrs ever so affectionately.

However, as we mentioned, Thor is a very special Norwegian Forest Cat. That is because … Thor is blind. We have given him lots of loving care, and he is now ready to be placed in a new home. As you can see in the video below, Thor has adjusted well to this random stroke of luck and in many cases you would never know he is blind. Please watch the video below for more details …

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