About Little Angel Cats


Our Little Angel Cats


Persian Cats




Josette arrived in our lives in 2010 and we just adore her green eyes!


She enjoys sitting on John’s lap while he works on the computer, and when she is held she makes the most amazing and unusual sounds of any cat we have ever known. She naturally took to motherhood and has produced some of the most adorable kittens we have ever seen.




Leopold is one of the most loving Persians we have ever owned.


A natural at cuddling, he will remain by your side all night while you sleep, purring constantly! His blue-green eyes are irresistible! We enjoy curling up with Leopold to watch one of our favorite movies on the big screen. He is living proof that good things come in small packages.


Jenna and Snow


Jenna gave birth to Snow (lower right) in July 2014.


We enjoyed watching Snow develop from a kitten into a magnificently beautiful adult. Like all of our kittens, he received many hours of socialization and now exhibits an affectionate, playful personality. He loves to play with toys and our computer keyboard (which is not a toy).


Norwegian Forest Cats




Originally born in Minnesota, Freya has one of the prettiest “meow” we’ve ever heard. She is playful and loves to chase tiny objects across the room.


Freya is in charge of our purchasing habits. If we buy her cans of food that does not meet her tastes, she quickly lets us know that no food will be eaten until we return to the store and get one of her favorite brands.


We enjoy Freya not only for her personality but also for her beautiful coat full of rich colors and smoke!


Born in Wisconsin, Rufus was easily the largest of his litter.
Sometimes, he doesn’t even know he is a cat and will play “fetch the ball” with us just as if he were a dog.

His “purr” is different from all the other cats we’ve had in that it sounds more like a rumble. Yet, Rufus is a very affectionate animal and likes to greet guests when they arrive at our house.


Rufus likes to sit in the highest spot in the room, to survey his kingdom.