Shipping Details

  1. We are able to cargo ship your kitten anywhere in the United States (extra costs apply to shipping destinations outside the USA)
  2. We use the airlines to ship our kittens to their new homes. This includes:
    • Examination by vet prior to shipment
    • 10-day health certificate, unless otherwise specified
    • All cats over 12 weeks of age will also have a rabies shot
  3. All prices we quote you will include actual cost of shipping plus the cost of the airline-approved kennel
  4. Please Contact Us with any specific questions you have on shipping.

Health Info

  1. All of our kittens have been inspected by a vet
  2. The Buyer has 48 hours to have the kitten examined by a veterinarian of their choice. Should a vet document a major health problem and clearly states the kitten was not fit for sale, return the kitten immediately for a refund. While every effort has been made to keep your kitten healthy and free of parasites, please be advised kittens will not be replaced (and purchases will not be refunded) in response to minor, common, or treatable kitten problems or traumatic injuries occurring after the sale.
  3. Health care, prevention of disease, and providing safe living conditions is an obligation and requirement of the Buyer throughout the lifetime of the cat.